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Hello and greetings to all! This is a post dedicated to all Readers, Subcalibers, Bloggers and casual scrollers. Today Season Tickets is opening up all Pitches to short scene-dialogue prompts. The goal is to hopefully share creativity, collaborate, and get creative juices flowing.

Hence, If you like a pitch on our Pitch Party Circuit your more than welcome to submit a brief scene with an exchange of dialogue between characters in the comment sections or link a scene to your blog or site as long as you pin back the original pitch to Season Tickets. This is just an attempt to be creative together especially in the realm of story telling. All work will be attributed all contributing creators.

Some Writing Guidelines

Please no explicit derogatory or profane words included in posts ex. excessive use of swear words

No sexually graphic or explicit porn like content. ex. sex scenes

Thank you all who have subscribed to Season Tickets and enjoy the content shared here. We want to be a helpful innovative hub for creative development in the realm of story-telling and hope you join us on the journey.

Peace and Blessings To You.

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The Daily Double of Double Standards

She was 35 he was 25 yet, they were deeply in love despite their currently invisible age gap. Some people thought he was crazy for dating a woman ten years older than himself. But whenever he gets the chance to spend time with her and look into her beautiful blue eyes he believes their love is all apart of making their lives well lived…

Scary Times: Thunder & Lighting

Took a few moments to listen to and watch a spontaneous thunder and lighting live show grace the sky and came to the conclusion that it is one heck of a powerful scene to view random sparks of light dash across the firmament in unexpected fashion as it presents its own ominous thunder works towards the ground. How fitting. Makes me think of impending Judgment of an all powerful Creator. You never know…Watch out! hahaha..

The Transformation of Doubt

Doubt comes in various forms and at best we can all say we have faced the uncertain grip of doubt at some point in our earthly lives. But it seems what ultimately what frees us from the feeble constraint of doubt is the the truth that exists invisibly and or visibly in proof that guarded by the strong arm of our own embattled belief against doubt encroaching ties.

Playing The Part [15]

Playing the Part, tells the story of a young, handsome, successful man in his early thirties (Mikael Bracken) who loses his way after being officially diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. He decides to continue to sporadically use his colorful imagination to create multiple personas, but is repeatedly inquisitively challenged to stop doing so by his therapist (Robert Bloom). Finally after a local murder occurs with the killer unknown his professional therapist becomes increasingly concerned his client may be the culprit. Is Mikael Bracken a sadistic killer or just an extremely troubled young man with an extremely disturbing dark past?

Living In A World Consumed With Self

Can you count how many self-help books there are in this world? The assumption would be these books would range in the millions if not billions to be even more sarcastically put. Let’s face it we live in a ME ME ME ME culture. From social media posts that scream for attention to mere photos using our God-given bodily assets to get a view, like , or comments ANYTHING! The quest to be seen consumes the lives of many people and not just to be seen but also to be liked. These dopamine infuse moments of obsession via the phycological constructs of social media sites has potentially ruined the mental health of many people. However, there is hope available for those of us left in the shambles of living in such a narcissistic culture that is defined by its appearance in black mirrors. We can take back our human dignity and learn how to view ourselves less as a marketable commodity and more as human beings.

Of course, we have the doublespeak dialogue that on its front face speaks of the value of human interaction but what if there is an underlining agenda to actually destroy it at the same time?

Indeed, here on Season Tickets, it’s all about discovery and artistic expression but the value of art thrives with its ability to also be shared. And with that understanding that the value of art and what can provide for the world takes an even more important role when it comes to examining motives. For in Truth you can have a motive of creating art to destroy, to uplift, or to highlight an experience or issue. Yet one fact remains that we aren’t doing humanity any favors by being prideful and stuck on how the world revolves around us.

Just this past day or so happened to catch a documentary on a famous wrestler who spent his life privately partying on drugs such as coke while being one of the best showman athletes in the history of broadcast wrestling. The purpose of this brief documentary reflection is to reinforce the reminder of how fast life here is and how what we do on this planet truly matters. Currently in his waning years of youth this former wrestler speaks of his glory days in the public eye which now has been reduced to working behind the scenes to develop or train other potential wrestling showman talent. It also seems that his fading youthful attractiveness is now overshadowed behind his elderly appearance yet the glimmer in his eyes still lingers strong when speaking of his past days of public acclaim and popularity. In the wake of ruined relationships and deep inner pain this former headliner wrestler continues on living nestled in the shadows of his faded public praise left with having to look at what’s left of his life, himself and the results of his life choices. Some however never get these waning years of self reflection and even worse never gain the ability to potentially change course in a more healthier direction. However what we can gather from this life tale and that of many others is that beauty indeed withers and eventually so does the potency of public influence so it is important to keep that in mind because what we do in this life matters greatly as does the consequences of those choices that can truly permanent within our world for its benefit or ultimate downfall.

Gelinck photoshops current photos of celebrities candidly posing with their younger selves.

Ingredients for a wayward path: fear, not the Most High God, shift out feelings of empathy, Add yourself with a Sense of Lack, add 6 Cups of greed, mix it all together and you’ll have a showcase of worldly dysfunction in no time!

At the end of the day, you want to be on the right team. Serving team evil has its own destructive consequences many don’t take the time to realize before it’s too late. Hopefully, more of humanity really take time to think about not only the value of ourselves but the value in our relationships with other human beings as well…

Backlash [11]

Plot Reel

The main character Alisa Long is a woman in her thirties, who can be quite secretive. The story begins in a casino. A young heiress escapes a stifling existence. It’s a story about corruption. Alisa Long eventually unknowingly gets into a love affair with another character who is the son of her father’s business rival and sworn enemy. After attempts by their families to stop their Romanic entanglement they both try to devise a plan to free themselves from their families’ overbearing influence in their lives…But will they make it out alive?