Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

“When all we see is evil deeds; a miracle is what we need.”-Nadine Sadaka Boulos Its interesting times to be alive for sure. Everyday is a gift. And what better way to use this gift than is to be creativity free... Ahh a good old Twilight Zone episode. This episode is a real gem. … Continue reading Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

The Golden Glow of Creativity Ensues

The earliest memory of watching Bob Ross paint invites a clear picture of nothing short of what gradually appeared to be a masterpiece. He of course made it look so easy but this was only the part of the depths of his painting presentations. The whole Bob Ross show centered around creative activity. Not only … Continue reading The Golden Glow of Creativity Ensues

Fun Facts About Popcorn Lovers Day!

Today is popcorn lovers day! So to coumarate this most delectable treat we thought it also fitting to rewind back and take a quick delightful flashback to National Popcorn Day as Lifestyle Expert Victoria Sophia explains what popcorn is all about. She lists five fun facts about America’s favorite snack. Click Here To Learn More … Continue reading Fun Facts About Popcorn Lovers Day!