To Be Free or Not To Be Free?

“The regime had understood that one person leaving her house while asking herself:"Are my trousers long enough? Is my veil in place? Can my make-up be seen? Are they going to whip me?"- No longer asks herself:"Where is my freedom of thought? Where is my freedom of speech? My life, is it livable? What's going … Continue reading To Be Free or Not To Be Free?

Data Meets Beta-Pitch [5]

Main Character: A handsome forty year old mysterious Behavioral psychologist, who is a perfectionist Secondary Character: An ambitious and equally attractive research assistant, who is a witty yet an intelligent smart ass. 3am, On The Watch... This futuristic drama is a sci-fi story about the ethical limits of technology. It kicks off in the year 2033 with a failed mission. (Note that: existing … Continue reading Data Meets Beta-Pitch [5]

As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]

This is a documentary-style story with an emphasis on how the invention of man-made robotics ultimately destroys humanity as we know it today. The story is about a rebellious dancer(main character). It takes place at a human detention center in what appears to be a junkyard. The humans are kept within a heavily surveilled detention … Continue reading As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]