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Hello and greetings to all! This is a post dedicated to all Readers, Subcalibers, Bloggers and casual scrollers. Today Season Tickets is opening up all Pitches to short scene-dialogue prompts. The goal is to hopefully share creativity, collaborate, and get creative juices flowing.

Hence, If you like a pitch on our Pitch Party Circuit your more than welcome to submit a brief scene with an exchange of dialogue between characters in the comment sections or link a scene to your blog or site as long as you pin back the original pitch to Season Tickets. This is just an attempt to be creative together especially in the realm of story telling. All work will be attributed all contributing creators.

Some Writing Guidelines

Please no explicit derogatory or profane words included in posts ex. excessive use of swear words

No sexually graphic or explicit porn like content. ex. sex scenes

Thank you all who have subscribed to Season Tickets and enjoy the content shared here. We want to be a helpful innovative hub for creative development in the realm of story-telling and hope you join us on the journey.

Peace and Blessings To You.

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The Daily Double of Double Standards

She was 35 he was 25 yet, they were deeply in love despite their currently invisible age gap. Some people thought he was crazy for dating a woman ten years older than himself. But whenever he gets the chance to spend time with her and look into her beautiful blue eyes he believes their love is all apart of making their lives well lived…

Hide Away [20]

Movie Plot

After being placed in foster care from neglect and abandonment of her drug addicted mother a troubled young teenage girl, with a heavy heart, joins a dangerous street gang that takes advantage of the youth’s inexperience…

# Circle Back Clothing Line Launch

Its time to circle back.Are you ready to TURN around?

With the circle back clothing line you’ll never forget that what goes around comes right back around in time. 100% Guaranteed

We ought to know that Resetting Time is nothing to G-d

"Circle back"

Well, life can be one heck of a roller coaster for sure but circling back to the truth is always the best way to get the ball rolling.

With that… Can someone explain this👇uncanny resemblance.

politics circle back Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

This may explain Facebook and Gov. Collusion. Related? hahaha Just saying. Anyway, all satire aside, Happy Monday! Cheers to a pleasant week filled with discovery, intrigue, and humorous yet equally insightful rebuttals…Remember The Best Is Yet To Come. Stay Salty.

Opposites Attract In The Dark 17

Protagonist- Shane Parks A retired Navy Seal, who loves adventure.

Secondary Character- Juanita Rose, A talented painter, who loves love.

This is a spiraling world wind romance story about how opposites attract. Both characters featured in this story seem to be unlikely lovers as they both come from very different worlds of experience. Yet, despite their differences they can’t help being magnetically drawn to each other. The story kicks off at a festival with a false accusation.

(Note That: Someone in the story is in denial about something )

The Twist- An unexpected revelation will also change everything…

Freedom Alive

Freedom Freedom Freedom is worth keeping…Don’t you think ?

However, a more disturbing question emerges from the darkness…

Could freedom be taken? That is…

To Take-As in Remove, Confiscate, Withdraw

Can we live free although bound physically with oppressive measures restricted in expressing our God given liberties? The Answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because there is an inner spiritual freedom in Christ that solidifies an authoritative power to save which thankfully can last throughout a lifetime and beyond that no man/woman or system can take away. Believe it or not.

Yet, we the people press on with a heartfelt love for freedom and all its beautiful expressions that exist in the human heart to be creatively free. It is in this hope in freedom that we the people seek to make this planet a more lovely inhabitable place to be. Godspeed and May God Bless the Untied States of America. Salutes

Stay Tuned…The Best Is Yet To Come…