Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

“When all we see is evil deeds; a miracle is what we need.”

-Nadine Sadaka Boulos

Its interesting times to be alive for sure. Everyday is a gift. And what better way to use this gift than is to be creativity free…

Ahh a good old Twilight Zone episode. This episode is a real gem. The disturbing storyline in this episode probably seemed tragically outrageous as a futuristic condition of humanity as it depicts a cancelling of sorts of those deemed as obsolete. For the time its original airing this Twilight Episode called, Obsolete Man is a moral storyline that probably seemed as merely a thought-provoking fictional tale and what today has become closer to a plausible reality. Perhaps we’ve been warned long ago about the insatiable lust for power that exist in our world among those that crave dominance over others. As well as what an absolute unchecked authority are capable of doing to those that do not comply to their totalitarianism.

Totalitarian-of or relating to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.

The cautionary tale here that seems to be reacquiring is in understanding that there will be no real good art anymore without the freedom of expression. Eventually only sanctioned art and speech by the “hidden ones” will become so controlled that Art infused expression will be blotted out of existence. Who has time to enjoy art anyway in a society that’s devoted in assembling its own rendition of Hell on earth? However, beyond the gloom and doom of ‘art be gone’ there is hope of a better day and brighter tomorrow for those who want their God given human liberty to the freedom of expression to remain as inalienable right long-term.

In fact we can say Art has always been considered a threat to power and so often has been therefore hijacked by tyrants for the sole purpose of perpetuating propaganda that promotes an agenda that the ‘invisible powers that be’ want people to accept. Makes sense really. Of course this use of art infused expression is only a means to and end. This temporary indulgence or invested interest in the Arts isn’t about adding anything meaningful to this world the end game ultimately seems to be all about establishing control with an intent to manipulate human behavior than it has to do with free expression truly.

Do you think Art-Music-Comedy-Movies are getting better or worse?

Anyway, it is a living hope that future generations will enjoy freedom. Real freedom. Freedom that allows them to create beautiful works of art freely. Hopefully humanity will continue to wake up from its slumber and realize that book burring and unwarranted content erasing isn’t the answer. As much as art allows for expression it does come with responsibility. The freedom of expression when allowed to flow freely can help humanity thrive and grow or destroy it in its silence.

Absolute power corrupts, absolutely indeed. A prime historical example of the value of developing checks and balances can be discovered in the formation of the United States of America. The founders of the American Republic knew the importance of forming a government for the people by the people and therefore forming three branches of government that possess their own yet, limited powers with no one singular branch possessing absolute power.

Of course there are disruptive variants to this success story of this newly born nation that became the model beacon of liberty for the world. However, today this once vibrant freedom loving country called, America is now struggling to keep its fundamental ideals intact.

History is being written as we speak and this freedom-based experiment in self-governance is thankfully being upheld by those who still believe in it and are actively attempting to preserve it. It is hope too that art lovers everywhere do not let art and the freedom of expression die in darkness. This isn’t about politics left or right, this is about a greater goal as a people as human beings to appreciate being creatively free without the threat of being canceled, or blacklisted.

The next line or rather informational blockade exists among Big Tech gatekeepers that have taken up a larger invasive role in regulating public discourse. Seems to be that social media is transforming into an increasingly controlled environment where people are being trained to be silent on certain issues and are strategically digitally isolated to keep people confined in a centralized algorithmic echo chamber. This doesn’t even include the the massive security breaches of data that continuously plague these Big Tech platforms that presents its own set of frustration with its users.

So far to date there aren’t many options to chose from when it comes to alternative social media sites , the competition in this area has often presented inferior platforms but there remains hope in the offering of a balanced social media site to emerge as an viable option for those that perhaps are disliking their experiences on larger Big Tech platforms.

So many alternative social media sites are popping up lately, which is actually great to see. It’s beneficial to have options & new platforms that support protecting privacy and free speech expression. Although, the playing field is still lopped-sided startups are learning how to maneuver around these obstacles.

Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow, announced this week that his new social media site focused on free speech will not allow swearing, pornography, or the use of “god’s name in vain”.

In a video posted as a placeholder on the site’s web address, Mr Lindell explains the reasoning behind the founding of “Frank” and asks for potential users to input a phone number for early “VIP viewing” from Thursday.

Promising “a platform like no other”, he muddled through a description of it as a combination of Twitter and YouTube, saying the site will be able to handle the capacity of users he expects and will be “secure” because “we’re going to be attacked”.

“I have my own servers and everything,” he adds saying that he has spent millions of dollars developing the platform.

“We’re not going to be worried about Amazon taking it down or YouTube or Google or Apple and we are going to get our voice of free speech out there.”

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It seems the MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is throwing his hat into the social media business with a new platform for the public square called, Frankspeech. It’ll be interesting to see how this new site turns out. Frankspeech official launch date for public use begins Monday, April 19th.

According to Lindell, the site will be a public platform for all people who desire to participate in the freedom of expression. It seems also Lindell is dedicated to keeping his platform safe from being De-platformed by using his own servers. As a precursor to the platform launch, Lindell also seems adamant in installing faith-based regulations to keep the platform environment secure from explicit pornography.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's social-media site Frank is now ...

Update: Frankspeech aired on April 19th with explosive information regarding the exisitence 2020 Presidential election fraud evidence and irregularities with expert panelist live streaming on the website for 48 yours. Accroding to Mike Lindell, the launch invited massive attacks. Now the site seems vacant of activity except for a featured video embed of a disturbing documentary, called ‘Absolute Interference’ that also aired on the One American News Network (OANN).

In reference to farnkspeech much was learned from this attempted launch. The MyPillow CEO’s social network “Frankspeech” in its original launch appearance showcased as dud-based Drupal website with a basic news template.

Drupal is a commonly used content management system, like WordPress. Drupal is not a proper platform for thousands of logged-in users.

It isn’t a stretch to suggest that there are those who want to experience a viable platform that isn’t just an echo chamber for censored or politically persecuted conservatives that can also handle large traffic. It’s great to share ideas freely and the opportunity to come across opposing views as well. A platform for all is ideal. Not sure if this platform is it but we shall see.

Different platform structures are popping up now more than ever before and as mentioned it’s true we are seeing the slow but gradual rise in a competitive social media market and/or restructuring which would be amazing to potentially experience in the days to come.

Freedom of speech should be wide open as long as it doesn't incite violence. - Mike Leach