#23 It’s Been a While…But…

Back! and at-bat again…Thanks for enjoying the journey at SeasonT feel free to scroll along. It was a momentous season last year and this year is gearing up to be just as mysteriously momentous too…soooo let’s get to it!

Lost In Location

Two best friends and business partners sign up to participate in an experiment in an undisclosed location for some much-needed cash. They are promised a large sum of the money to participate in this risky experiment. However, to their horror, both are subjected to brutal psychological exercises that leave them doubting if they’re even really human. After being told they could not leave the experiment under any circumstances they continue to begrudgingly submit to further testing. Confused and not knowing how to leave the experiment, they both try to secretly rationalize how to escape together.

The Night That Was [16]

Brian Crane has a dark secret that no one knows about not even his loving mother or his proud doting father. One horrible day Brian was brutally raped on a group camping trip by someone he thought to be a close friend. At age eighteen not only was Brian innocence taken but his perception of what it truly meant to be safe with anyone changed forever. He never spoke about his tragic sexual assault because he was too embarrassed to recall or mention the entire act of betryal. How could he allow this to happen? Why wasn’t he strong enough to prevent the assault? Brian continually blames himself for the rape and inwardly wrestles with this secret until Levy Lane enters his life. Levy is a beautiful bright Law School intern that begins working at his Law Office and despite Brian’s first initial reluctance to proceed with her romantically it seems that their cordial colleague association gradually transcends beyond friendship into something more.

In time everything seems to be going amazingly great between Brian and Levy and for the first time in his life Brian feels comfortable being transparent with someone. Levy maintains an inviting way of getting him to open up about his past.

However, as his relationship with Levy blossoms into a serious monogenous relationship Brian is stirred with conflicting emotions while on a date with Levy when he happens to see his rapist out on the town laughing with another female. It wasn’t until after this random encounter with his rapist that later on that evening in a stream of held back tears Brian revels to Levy during an intimate conversation that he was raped and never sought justice against his assailant as means of trying to make the whole detestable night go away. After the revelation of his brutal rape Levy is determined to help Brian overcome his painful tragedy and with Levy’s loving support Brain is ready to confront his past as means of not only helping himself but attempt to also aid other male victims of sexual assault as well.

Hence, utilizing his skills as an accomplished lawyer Brian teams up with Levy to discover that he has not been his rapist’s only victim and in fact he has never stopped his sadistic sexual assaults despite being married with children and has appallingly accumulated a pile of victims remaining in silence as Brian had been until now… Now Brain is determined to bring down his publicly succesful rapist to seek justice for not only himself but for those who have fallen prey to his deceptive character.

This is a story about loss, betryal, forgiveness, and hope of overcoming the darkness and entering into the marvelous light of restoration.