What You Should Know About Script Writing

Because this is the initial stage in which a script for a play or movie's plan is established, screenwriting and/or script writing is one of the most significant professions especially, in film-making. Many people are drawn to screenwriting because all you need is a good idea, some time, and a word processor to get started. … Continue reading What You Should Know About Script Writing

The Tale of Two Adams [12]

Movie Plot Call me Adam. Some years ago—A teenage boy escapes his abusive father's arms after his first encounter with the Devil and as an adult faces the consequences of his decision to live life as a sinful Christian.

Sinister Sound Wave [9]

Sinister Sound Wave [Sci-fi Thriller] A Screenplay Snapshot by @seasontlive EXT. THE EDEN PROJECT, CORNWALL Office Suite - AFTERNOON Thoughtful phycologist DR DOLLY WILLIAMS is arguing with her tempered boyfriend and teacher PROFESSOR JOHN TUNNS. DOLLY tries to hug JOHN but he shakes off her advances. DOLLYPlease John, don't leave me... JOHNI'm sorry Dolly, but … Continue reading Sinister Sound Wave [9]