Hollywood Celebrities Beg Movie Goers: Please Go Back!

Hollywierd is back! or is it? Seems like Hollywood may be last to get the memo on their decreasing cultural relevance but still seems to be clinging to a past era of unadulterated public admiration. However, there is a clear indication something is shifting in the popularity of this decades long powerhouse centralized cesspool. According … Continue reading Hollywood Celebrities Beg Movie Goers: Please Go Back!

The Tale of Two Adams [12]

Movie Plot Call me Adam. Some years ago—A teenage boy escapes his abusive father's arms after his first encounter with the Devil and as an adult faces the consequences of his decision to live life as a sinful Christian.

The Secret Truth Exposed!

"We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it."— William Faulkner (Essays, Speeches & Public Letters) Today is the beginning of a quest. A quest to discover the power of embracing a new zest for intrigue. For it is in all these seemingly theatrical life motions that we gracefully play out all … Continue reading The Secret Truth Exposed!