You’ve Got Mail [14]

All seems to be going well for Bishop Blunt until he's suddenly confronted with the truth about his past and his latest secretive indulgence just might be his last... A young attractive female Laura Wright is in her early-Twenties, who can be quite seductive and assertive.Bishop Blunt in his late thirties was A beloved small-town … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail [14]

Vino’s Progress [8]

What would you do if you knew there were deranged men with shocking habits near the ones you love willing to harm them for their own pleasure and personal gain? The night of the snow storm changes everything for Vino Ventele, a 37-year-old lawyer from West Boggins. One moment, he is discussing mountain climbing with … Continue reading Vino’s Progress [8]

As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]

This is a documentary-style story with an emphasis on how the invention of man-made robotics ultimately destroys humanity as we know it today. The story is about a rebellious dancer(main character). It takes place at a human detention center in what appears to be a junkyard. The humans are kept within a heavily surveilled detention … Continue reading As In The Days of Noah-Pitch [2]

Virtual Admirer-Pitch [1]

This is an action story with a strong theme of judgment. The story is about a patriotic noble who has a mysterious admirer a virtual reality programmer. It takes place in mansion (on the hills) The story ends with someone making a life changing decision.©