Add To The Good +

This is a call to action to challenge ourselves to add good into this world no matter how small that contribution is even if its just a showcasing a smile.

There is evil all around yet in the midst of all the destruction and lies is the comforting truth of redemption that brings restoration and relief to the weary souls that find rest in it.

Food For Thought.

# Circle Back Clothing Line Launch

Its time to circle back.Are you ready to TURN around?

With the circle back clothing line you’ll never forget that what goes around comes right back around in time. 100% Guaranteed

We ought to know that Resetting Time is nothing to G-d

"Circle back"

Well, life can be one heck of a roller coaster for sure but circling back to the truth is always the best way to get the ball rolling.

With that… Can someone explain this👇uncanny resemblance.

politics circle back Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

This may explain Facebook and Gov. Collusion. Related? hahaha Just saying. Anyway, all satire aside, Happy Monday! Cheers to a pleasant week filled with discovery, intrigue, and humorous yet equally insightful rebuttals…Remember The Best Is Yet To Come. Stay Salty.

Scary Times: Thunder & Lighting

Took a few moments to listen to and watch a spontaneous thunder and lighting live show grace the sky and came to the conclusion that it is one heck of a powerful scene to view random sparks of light dash across the firmament in unexpected fashion as it presents its own ominous thunder works towards the ground. How fitting. Makes me think of impending Judgment of an all powerful Creator. You never know…Watch out! hahaha..

Freedom Alive

Freedom Freedom Freedom is worth keeping…Don’t you think ?

However, a more disturbing question emerges from the darkness…

Could freedom be taken? That is…

To Take-As in Remove, Confiscate, Withdraw

Can we live free although bound physically with oppressive measures restricted in expressing our God given liberties? The Answer is a resounding yes. Why? Because there is an inner spiritual freedom in Christ that solidifies an authoritative power to save which thankfully can last throughout a lifetime and beyond that no man/woman or system can take away. Believe it or not.

Yet, we the people press on with a heartfelt love for freedom and all its beautiful expressions that exist in the human heart to be creatively free. It is in this hope in freedom that we the people seek to make this planet a more lovely inhabitable place to be. Godspeed and May God Bless the Untied States of America. Salutes

Stay Tuned…The Best Is Yet To Come…

The Night That Was [16]

Brian Crane has a dark secret that no one knows about not even his loving mother or his proud doting father. One horrible day Brian was brutally raped on a group camping trip by someone he thought to be a close friend. At age eighteen not only was Brian innocence taken but his perception of what it truly meant to be safe with anyone changed forever. He never spoke about his tragic sexual assault because he was too embarrassed to recall or mention the entire act of betryal. How could he allow this to happen? Why wasn’t he strong enough to prevent the assault? Brian continually blames himself for the rape and inwardly wrestles with this secret until Levy Lane enters his life. Levy is a beautiful bright Law School intern that begins working at his Law Office and despite Brian’s first initial reluctance to proceed with her romantically it seems that their cordial colleague association gradually transcends beyond friendship into something more.

In time everything seems to be going amazingly great between Brian and Levy and for the first time in his life Brian feels comfortable being transparent with someone. Levy maintains an inviting way of getting him to open up about his past.

However, as his relationship with Levy blossoms into a serious monogenous relationship Brian is stirred with conflicting emotions while on a date with Levy when he happens to see his rapist out on the town laughing with another female. It wasn’t until after this random encounter with his rapist that later on that evening in a stream of held back tears Brian revels to Levy during an intimate conversation that he was raped and never sought justice against his assailant as means of trying to make the whole detestable night go away. After the revelation of his brutal rape Levy is determined to help Brian overcome his painful tragedy and with Levy’s loving support Brain is ready to confront his past as means of not only helping himself but attempt to also aid other male victims of sexual assault as well.

Hence, utilizing his skills as an accomplished lawyer Brian teams up with Levy to discover that he has not been his rapist’s only victim and in fact he has never stopped his sadistic sexual assaults despite being married with children and has appallingly accumulated a pile of victims remaining in silence as Brian had been until now… Now Brain is determined to bring down his publicly succesful rapist to seek justice for not only himself but for those who have fallen prey to his deceptive character.

This is a story about loss, betryal, forgiveness, and hope of overcoming the darkness and entering into the marvelous light of restoration.

The Transformation of Doubt

Doubt comes in various forms and at best we can all say we have faced the uncertain grip of doubt at some point in our earthly lives. But it seems what ultimately what frees us from the feeble constraint of doubt is the the truth that exists invisibly and or visibly in proof that guarded by the strong arm of our own embattled belief against doubt encroaching ties.

Hollywood Celebrities Beg Movie Goers: Please Go Back!

Hollywierd is back! or is it? Seems like Hollywood may be last to get the memo on their decreasing cultural relevance but still seems to be clinging to a past era of unadulterated public admiration. However, there is a clear indication something is shifting in the popularity of this decades long powerhouse centralized cesspool. According to the Associated Press Piece entitled, ‘Schwarzenegger and Abrams Make Pitch For Movie Goer Return,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger chanted with enthusiasm, “We are back! We are back!” before he spoke last Wednesday about the importance of resurrecting the theatrical experience for moviegoers. For some reason hearing a swarm of crickets after this statement comes imagintively to mind as a tangible response to this forward declaration. Anyway, the bigger question is…Does the theatrical movie experience need a resurrection or a revitalization rooted in reform of its entire notable existence?

Hollywood Celebrities Plead With Movie Fans: Please Go Back To Theaters

Its been a long run for Hollywood some may even say a good run on its surface but there seems to be an underbelly of disorder that has yet to be fully exposed while this impeding elephant in the room is all that exists as a marker displaying an inevitable sign that its “over.” Perhaps movie watching will not end but the way or where we the people ultimately decide to watch it may fundamentally change. It can be understood that this shift of appeal is already happening with the rise of home theaters and the public access to streaming services that provide originally produced content which often includes on-demand movies to watch. Yet, despite the convenience of assembling and enjoying an at-home theater as the world begins to gradually open up again its the movie-going experience that seems to be reaching its questionable sunset of wider movie-going appeal. It can be difficult for some to grasp as to why even though the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

Yet, in turn, History remains our teacher when remembering the rise and fall of societal phases of our human experience. Hence, what we can gather historically concerning the entertainment industry is that many moons ago a sudden decrease in the dominant existence of in-person theatrical acts was increasingly offset by theaters that housed a platform for the big-screen movie experience. Of course, theatrical acts remained even though Movie theaters stole its influential thunder. However, now, perhaps we are witnessing movie theaters meeting a similar fate with a decrease in their dom appearance. Which presents another factor too, cost. with the onset of viewing convenience of home theaters, Is the cost to attend movies still relevant to its actual value in relation to the viewership of modern movie content in theaters ? Some may also argue that the appeal of in-person theatrical acts is making a strong increasing comeback. Despite its decade-long decline in popularity people seem willing to still pay to enjoy the art of live performances and continuously crave the raw reality of viewing live shows in real-time. So it seems certainly that in-person performances have been able to ride the tide of ongoing appeal despite movie theater dominance. But can the movie-going experience do the same?

Indeed as a viewer, there seems to be a duality that exists in reflection of the ” movie-going” experience that is separate and apart from the intriguing nostalgic ambiance of physically attending a movie theater. As a talented screenwriter once bellowed to me, “Plot is more important than spectacle” that message still rings true to me today. Now this statement was about writing a compelling storyline and captivating dialogue without seeking to exclusively woo an audience by the presentation of repetitive action sequences or special effects. However, as insightful as that phrase is it can be easily used in context to the overall, “movie theater industry’ in general. How about this, “It’s the content stupid.” Maybe that’s too coarse but simply put “box office” movies don’t seem diverse or original enough. Perhaps, it’s the very films themselves that have left audiences on a redundant treadmill-like rat trail of the same crap different toilet model that is causing its decline in appreciation but to digress.

Despite the moral decline in Hollywierd which manifests notably in films the notion of providing something different diverse, thought-provoking, and enriching to its audience by money-hungry gatekeepers that won’t take risks to let some of the most amazing scripts see the light of day could be part of the problem. This lack of true creative freedom unless it fits a satanic standard of indulgence may also be a deciding factor but that’s another controversial story.

Of course, some may disagree with this whole assessment that it’s not the failure of producing appealing movie content or the annoyance of hypocritical virtue-signaling celebrities’ that are the reasons why movie theaters are struggling to get back on their feet and that’s fine. what do you think?

One thing is for sure The entertainment industry is being shaken right before our very eyes and it is a living hope that when it does fall as some are predicting that it most certainly will it’ll reassemble into something better for its actors(talent), artists, creators, and all humanity…