Tim Boem seems to have lived an extraordinary life some people only dream of. As a successful businessman, Tim reaches his lifelong goal of becoming a multi-millionaire all by the ripe age of only 35. By all worldly standards James seems to have it all, fast cars, a harem of beautiful women to choose from, and money at his finger tips. Being so successful even allows him to rub shoulders and share conversations with some of the biggest names in town. However, one fateful night everything about his life changes forever. All that James ever knew of his life vanishes away in an instant. Suddenly after a frightening tragic car accident, James surprisingly finds himself alive, or is he?

The darkness filled the atmosphere and nothing could be seen. A sense of Hopelessness filled the air. A strong stench of burning flesh became stronger and more potent. The darkness presented its quiet void of emptiness. I could feel myself there even though I could not see my body. All my senses ignited there intensely so. In the confined state of existence, I found myself increasingly disturbing that it’s still difficult to fully express. An unquenchable fear engulfed my being.

Before my thoughts of desperation left my fleeting mind I heard a whispering voice say, You lossst. Suddenly I was quickly thrust swirling downward. At that moment I wanted to wake up from what seemed like a nightmare but I couldn’t. Somehow I knew deep within my shocked soul that this was my new reality. Spiraling down I could hear horrifying screams, cries, and other bellowing sounds, Cursing, and tones of malicious laughter. The sounds became louder and louder until all that was left was my spiraling being of conscious personhood slammed down onto a small red-stained room with a cage. There was a terrifying-looking creature there who immediately appeared to be pacing within the room from wall to wall while grumbling out grotesque profanities.

As I got my bearings from the fall thankful that my landing wasn’t painful this vile-looking creature spoke to me and said, “Welcome to Hell Tim. Welcome to Helllllllllllll…hahaha.”

At that moment I remained in shock unable to move as my soul took in what I just heard. You mean…they were right? There is a hell? How could this be? I quickly tried to find a way out and escape the room. There seemed to be absolutely no door within this small dark filthy confined room but in my attempt to run out the creature violently dug his thick piercing claws into what would be the location of my shoulder. It dug deep into what would be the location of my previous physical shoulder. I could feel the pain! I yelled in pure agony. Excruciating pain enveloped my entire being. How could this be? I could still think, reason, and feel everything? Suddenly my shoulder healed but before I could take any relief in it this malevolent being before me dug again deeper into my arm this time to a point I though my right arm could be completely servered off! The pain was overwhelming but I did not pass out even though I felt like I could.

Immediately after this vicious violent attack this dark creature threw me into what appeared to be a cage. Running towards the now locked caged door I began to shout. No No No! Let me out please! now I am reduced to begging. I’ll do better now. I’ll follow and serve Jesus. Okay!?! I’ll go to Church too! Okay? I’ll do whatever God wants. Just, please…Please don’t keep me here!”

Looking up I couldn’t help but try to petition God, ”Please don’t leave me here God!” Before the words seemed to leave my lips this hideous creature began mocking me and said, You had your chance you fool! You’re an idiot! You wicked perverted human being! You thought there was no hell! Haha ha…You hated God, didn’t you? You said out of your own lying mouth you hated God and wanted to party in hell. Sooo…Here’s your party! Haha ha…”

My pleas for help remained unheard. All I could hear all around me is this vile creature’s sadists’ laugh along with terrifying screams, crying with profanities being shouted. A sense of emptiness enveloped my soul. If only I sought after God and accepted Jesus Christ his Son while alive on earth I would be in paradise…instead, I’m…I’m here…in..in…hell. A thick cloud of darkness filled the room again. Immediately I wept like a baby knowing it was all over. The life I’ve come to know on earth was finally and completely over. No amount of money that could save me now there was no one to help me. There was no going back. I lost. I’m in Hell now…forever…