The Tale of Two Adams [12]

Movie Plot Call me Adam. Some years ago—A teenage boy escapes his abusive father's arms after his first encounter with the Devil and as an adult faces the consequences of his decision to live life as a sinful Christian.

Living In A World Consumed With Self

Can you count how many self-help books there are in this world? The assumption would be these books would range in the millions if not billions to be even more sarcastically put. Let's face it we live in a ME ME ME ME culture. From social media posts that scream for attention to mere photos … Continue reading Living In A World Consumed With Self

Backlash [11]

Plot Reel The main character Alisa Long is a woman in her thirties, who can be quite secretive. The story begins in a casino. A young heiress escapes a stifling existence. It's a story about corruption. Alisa Long eventually unknowingly gets into a love affair with another character who is the son of her father's … Continue reading Backlash [11]

Day 10…

Remembering The Day When... Golden Globes Canceled....Seems the People have spoken According to Deadline, There will be no Golden Globes on NBC in 2022, as the besieged Hollywood Foreign Press Association continues to falter in reforming itself to the satisfaction of Hollywood studios and stakeholders. 2 cents dribble... Its been a downward spiral for what used to be an … Continue reading Day 10…

Overnight Withdrawal #1

[It] Took Time It took me time to figure out how long I've been under... It took me a long time to figure out what had been keeping me down. It took a long time. It took a long long time Body Of Substance Sunstance for Two Please... Substance-the real physical matter of which a … Continue reading Overnight Withdrawal #1

Love Track [10]

[Romantic Drama] Just when everything was going fine in her budding new relationship, Lilly Stout's life suddenly changes when she witness a secret exchange. Doing her best to repress her growing feelings, she wonders if it was all a game when an ex-lover shows up and begins a malicious campaign to disrupt her new relationship. … Continue reading Love Track [10]

Oscars Take Another Nose Dive In Ratings

Oscars Take another dud bath in ratings once again. Its not getting better when it comes to viewership indeed it is getting worse. Hmm wonder why? Perhaps people don't want the injection of agenda based monologues and skits on political matters that are overtly presented at nauseum thought-out the broadcast. Last night's Oscars was a … Continue reading Oscars Take Another Nose Dive In Ratings