Dark Nights #25

In the dark corners of the universe, there is a malevolent passion lurking in the darkness that even the most qualified individual is no match to expose except for the LIGHT that is able to penetrate it.


An outgoing enthusiastic middle-aged man is faced with a difficult decision as he navigates his new life as a successful Businessman. One evening Jack Polo is invited to an inclusive office party with his collages. After a joyous celebration of his promotion in the company, he is escorted to a secret location where he is offered the deal of a lifetime. However, this deal comes with an ultimate painful price that could cost him his life and that of those he loves. He also learns the reasons why this successful company he works for is so lucrative. Will he take the offer? Or will he choose to be left with nothing but a clear conscience?

How To Start Writing A Short Story


Short stories are just as powerful and engaging as lengthy works of literature, if not more so because they express their core point in a single, unforgettable stroke. A short narrative is akin to shining a light into a dark space.

Writing a short story isn’t necessarily difficult you just have to keep it simple. It’s simply a matter of finding your voice. You can always add to a short story in the end. You don’t need a lot of backstory to your characters. In fact, you don’t necessarily need a lot of characters or much description. Just be yourself. Write from the heart. Don’t overwrite. Do not over-explain. Do not overuse a lot of descriptive words. Keep it simple. Keep the writing simple. Simple is good. Simple is easy. Simple is powerful. Simplicity is the best way to get your point across. The best way to get your point across is to write a short story. A short story has no obligation to make sense. It doesn’t have to have an obvious plot. It doesn’t need a lot of characters. A short story is simply a good way to get your artistic message across. It is the best way to let the reader know what you are trying to say and a good way to make a point.

Finally, making a short story is a terrific way to strengthen your creative skills, especially if you are a newbie writer. At the very least, you’ll have something to say to the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t want their life story or creative tales to be told to the rest of the world? Writing a short story can be a beneficial exercise to get your feet wet in the writing world. Why don’t you give it a whirl? Today, try to write a short fictionary tale. Hopefully,  You won’t be disappointed. Now it’s time for you to start working on your masterpiece!!!

Are you feeling motivated to take the leap or resume your writing? Share your own short story experiences in the comments or leave a link to your blog. Happy Writing! 

3 Legitimately Awesome Facts About Truth 

The Value of The Truth Begets Genuine Justice Indeed…

Here are three amazing yet difficult realities about Truth that will perhaps inspire our souls to take meaningful beneficial action in a more fruitful direction. It appears that now, more than ever, our basic human existence depends on it. It, being, following the truth…

1) Recognize that Truth is important.
We frequently dismiss or undervalue the potential significance of our in-depth expertise on a given circumstance or issue.
If we believe we know something important that could influence a course of action or conclusion, we must speak up and be heard.
It helps everyone involved and could lead to a far more pleasant end.
Your information is valuable.

2) Don’t Make Assumptions About What They Know. We make the mistake of assuming that our leaders are well-versed in a topic or issue. In many cases, however, this isn’t the case; leadership frequently has little understanding or is missing critical information. We The People, who are generally closest to the ‘action’ and have a better understanding of what’s going on can offer the necessary input of information or expertise to address many conflicting situations.

3) Let Go of Your Desire to Be Liked. You might be uneasy with the tension and conflict that comes with telling the truth in difficult or difficult situations. Some people in positions of authority may object to hearing clear, factual, and important information, especially if it contradicts their own beliefs or undermines their sense of competence or self-esteem. You’ll want to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of sharing your private information; telling the truth often includes some risk. But don’t skip it only to avoid a difficult discussion or uncomfortable interpersonal situation.

Bottom Line, It’s vital to know what’s true for whatever problem or situation arises in order to respond effectively. Therefore, Helping people overcome their fears of peacefully speaking up and, more crucially, ensuring that leaders foster a culture of openness and follow-up are critical components of meaningful success. Humanity has a chance to thrive but without the benefits of the truth, we don’t stand a chance of survival. Hopefully, we will officially get it together and realize that checkmate has been called on all the illegitimate lies. Until then we shall press on as ‘we the people’ gain further insight daily on the value of honesty so we can authentically preserve truly sustainable societies, communities, and relationships.

What In The World?

Spat That 👇

Yeah what in the world is going on? Ever wonder? Life can throw us some fast balls but now more than ever some seem like their coming at 110mph. However with that keeping our eye on the ball is key. And who knows maybe with some skill and precision we might hit that very fast ball right out the park for a home run!

Winning Bigly Takes Heart. Hang in There Folks. Together we can Win.

Exploring Creativity Together

Hello and greetings to all! This is a post dedicated to all Readers, Subcalibers, Bloggers and casual scrollers. Today Season Tickets is opening up all Pitches to short scene-dialogue prompts. The goal is to hopefully share creativity, collaborate, and get creative juices flowing.

Hence, If you like a pitch on our Pitch Party Circuit your more than welcome to submit a brief scene with an exchange of dialogue between characters in the comment sections or link a scene to your blog or site as long as you pin back the original pitch to Season Tickets. This is just an attempt to be creative together especially in the realm of story telling. All work will be attributed all contributing creators.

Some Writing Guidelines

Please no explicit derogatory or profane words included in posts ex. excessive use of swear words

No sexually graphic or explicit porn like content. ex. sex scenes

Thank you all who have subscribed to Season Tickets and enjoy the content shared here. We want to be a helpful innovative hub for creative development in the realm of story-telling and hope you join us on the journey.

Peace and Blessings To You.

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Add To The Good +

This is a call to action to challenge ourselves to add good into this world no matter how small that contribution is even if its just a showcasing a smile.

There is evil all around yet in the midst of all the destruction and lies is the comforting truth of redemption that brings restoration and relief to the weary souls that find rest in it.

Food For Thought.