What In The World?

Spat That 👇 Yeah what in the world is going on? Ever wonder? Life can throw us some fast balls but now more than ever some seem like their coming at 110mph. However with that keeping our eye on the ball is key. And who knows maybe with some skill and precision we might hit … Continue reading What In The World?

The Daily Double of Double Standards

She was 35 he was 25 yet, they were deeply in love despite their currently invisible age gap. Some people thought he was crazy for dating a woman ten years older than himself. But whenever he gets the chance to spend time with her and look into her beautiful blue eyes he believes their love … Continue reading The Daily Double of Double Standards

One Stop Shop

All the other players new that at the end they would fail but they still kept playing anyway. How sad.... One day at the base of disappear there was a group of weary souls wondering if they had what it took to make it. Then it seemed in a blink of an eye they were … Continue reading One Stop Shop

The Transformation of Doubt

Doubt comes in various forms and at best we can all say we have faced the uncertain grip of doubt at some point in our earthly lives. But it seems what ultimately what frees us from the feeble constraint of doubt is the the truth that exists invisibly and or visibly in proof that guarded … Continue reading The Transformation of Doubt

Its Showtime. Are You Ready?

“When all we see is evil deeds; a miracle is what we need.”-Nadine Sadaka Boulos Its interesting times to be alive for sure. Everyday is a gift. And what better way to use this gift than is to be creativity free... https://youtu.be/VOYYCkVazBI Ahh a good old Twilight Zone episode. This episode is a real gem. … Continue reading Its Showtime. Are You Ready?