It’s a Show Stopper! 2022 coming to a theater near you

What the heck it’s still 2021??? Smh. okay, Okay, almost there folks buckle up! Looks like 2022 is on its way! The End is near. Yet for now, This rodeo is still up for grabs and we just have to stay put and ride this thing out aka “we got to ride this thing until the wheels fall off,” as it’s said. Right now 2022 is glistening like a new toy car compared to 2020 but you never know what the real deal is do we? So now after all this pain what do we have? Well, here at Season Tickets it’s a whole lot of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Yes, indeed! Thanks be to YHWH G-d for getting us through another year its been a rough road, to be honest, but many gains were acquired so much to be thankful for in the midst of all the darkness. The first of which is the gift of salvation. The gift of being set free from sin and death through the redeeming power of Yeshua ha’ Mashiach (Jesus Christ). As a believer in Christ and a humble messianic, I can say with great enthusiasm that faith is the glue to complete victory in this life and the next. Believe it or not. However, with so many people believing so many different things I am persuaded that the Truth will victoriously prevail supreme. Consequently, there is no need for any form of violent confrontation for conversion. in the end, the truth will be an irrefutable reality. At best spreading love in this world is what’s needed now more than ever as some hearts have become increasingly greedy, cold, and unresponsive to the fear of the Most-High Creator of all life seen and unseen.

In reflection, it is the ways and laws of the living G-d YHWH that are good and bring life although this world has framed this as oppressive hogwash. Sin means the active disobedience to our Creator which results in bondage and being a slave to it only brings on our own destruction and death. Believe it or not. However, we can experience true life in Christ.  This is a gift. If you are called by the Spirit of the Living God my hope is that you too will respond to this gift of abundant life and be reunited in fellowship with our Creator through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the unblemished sinless human lamb and mighty Son of God. The truth according to Truth is that Yahshua or Jesus is The final Sacrifice and prophetic fulfillment reigning now in glory in the heavens. Our Promise is the restoration of our holy heritage through Christ, Jesus, to live connected again with our Father in Heaven after being washed clean of our sin receiving eternal life in paradise with access to pleasure forever is our everlasting portion. What a deal! it’s a good merciful deal the best deal ever and the only fee is belief!

Now I’m no saint by any means I have habits and hangups  BUT I’m also just a rational free thinker who knows that outside worship of G-d life leaves a void with an unrelenting unsatisfaction that nothing or anyone can fill. Faith plays a role in all of our lives. Showing love, doing good deeds, following Christ’s Teachings, and obeying the Torah is a path well taken. Just saying. Bottom Line. We will all be held accountable for our choices here and we only get one life. So please choose wisely.

Hence, in light of this earthly challenge Let’s do our best together to make this world better not worse. In reflection this starts by having no other gods than the one true Alohim or G-d and doing our part to increase the good in this world with good deeds that help humanity to thrive and grow.

With that spiritually themed theological melody done, this post will now address all the lovely readers of this site friends and foes alike. If you’ve read this far. Thank You. You’re a champ! Keep going it might just get more interesting or not either way thank you.

At best we are here at the precipice of 2021 together. How grand. On Season Tickets there is a hope that you’ve enjoyed the content here, the storytelling. Just want to take some time to send a special thank you to all readers and subscribers to this site as well. We hope next year will be an amazing one with many more great declassified stories to tell too. Our mission is to inspire and provide thought-provoking information and entertainment to a diverse audience. As we transition into 2022 we hope you continue to follow or subscribe via email to stay connected to our latest pitches and pieces.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site we hope you return for more…

Today the entertainment industry is saturated with a certain kind of carbon copies but it is our hope more creative diversity occurs. The raging theme is to spread the spark of an imaginative light that’ll hopefully inspire an innovative creative project

We live in a fallen world but our hope is sure. We can artistically be free and still remain casually weird. Weird is still not outlawed at least for now. I suppose if you are Christian you can be considered weird but that’s an ancestral badge of honor at this point. 

Thanks, be to Yah! for this year and the year to come, and hope you enjoy the content here. Take time to check out the pitches and share your thoughts.

Hope all you and yours have a wonderfully safe and blessed Happy New Year! Enjoy!

Stay Tuned The Best Is Yet to Come!

How To Start Writing A Short Story


Short stories are just as powerful and engaging as lengthy works of literature, if not more so because they express their core point in a single, unforgettable stroke. A short narrative is akin to shining a light into a dark space.

Writing a short story isn’t necessarily difficult you just have to keep it simple. It’s simply a matter of finding your voice. You can always add to a short story in the end. You don’t need a lot of backstory to your characters. In fact, you don’t necessarily need a lot of characters or much description. Just be yourself. Write from the heart. Don’t overwrite. Do not over-explain. Do not overuse a lot of descriptive words. Keep it simple. Keep the writing simple. Simple is good. Simple is easy. Simple is powerful. Simplicity is the best way to get your point across. The best way to get your point across is to write a short story. A short story has no obligation to make sense. It doesn’t have to have an obvious plot. It doesn’t need a lot of characters. A short story is simply a good way to get your artistic message across. It is the best way to let the reader know what you are trying to say and a good way to make a point.

Finally, making a short story is a terrific way to strengthen your creative skills, especially if you are a newbie writer. At the very least, you’ll have something to say to the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t want their life story or creative tales to be told to the rest of the world? Writing a short story can be a beneficial exercise to get your feet wet in the writing world. Why don’t you give it a whirl? Today, try to write a short fictionary tale. Hopefully,  You won’t be disappointed. Now it’s time for you to start working on your masterpiece!!!

Are you feeling motivated to take the leap or resume your writing? Share your own short story experiences in the comments or leave a link to your blog. Happy Writing! 

3 Legitimately Awesome Facts About Truth 

The Value of The Truth Begets Genuine Justice Indeed…

Here are three amazing yet difficult realities about Truth that will perhaps inspire our souls to take meaningful beneficial action in a more fruitful direction. It appears that now, more than ever, our basic human existence depends on it. It, being, following the truth…

1) Recognize that Truth is important.
We frequently dismiss or undervalue the potential significance of our in-depth expertise on a given circumstance or issue.
If we believe we know something important that could influence a course of action or conclusion, we must speak up and be heard.
It helps everyone involved and could lead to a far more pleasant end.
Your information is valuable.

2) Don’t Make Assumptions About What They Know. We make the mistake of assuming that our leaders are well-versed in a topic or issue. In many cases, however, this isn’t the case; leadership frequently has little understanding or is missing critical information. We The People, who are generally closest to the ‘action’ and have a better understanding of what’s going on can offer the necessary input of information or expertise to address many conflicting situations.

3) Let Go of Your Desire to Be Liked. You might be uneasy with the tension and conflict that comes with telling the truth in difficult or difficult situations. Some people in positions of authority may object to hearing clear, factual, and important information, especially if it contradicts their own beliefs or undermines their sense of competence or self-esteem. You’ll want to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of sharing your private information; telling the truth often includes some risk. But don’t skip it only to avoid a difficult discussion or uncomfortable interpersonal situation.

Bottom Line, It’s vital to know what’s true for whatever problem or situation arises in order to respond effectively. Therefore, Helping people overcome their fears of peacefully speaking up and, more crucially, ensuring that leaders foster a culture of openness and follow-up are critical components of meaningful success. Humanity has a chance to thrive but without the benefits of the truth, we don’t stand a chance of survival. Hopefully, we will officially get it together and realize that checkmate has been called on all the illegitimate lies. Until then we shall press on as ‘we the people’ gain further insight daily on the value of honesty so we can authentically preserve truly sustainable societies, communities, and relationships.

5 Guaranteed Tips To Help Creatives With Writers Block

Writer’s block is a term that sends shivers down the spines of many aspiring authors, as it has the ability to stifle or even kill even the most promising projects. It’s a prevalent problem among young writers, and many seasoned writers have attempted to discover and resolve the problem.

The scientific community describes writer’s block as “a distinctly uncomfortable incapacity to write,” according to a summary. The root cause of writer’s block varies, but inadequate sleep and nutrition, deep-seated anxiety and dread, and plain old-fashioned pressure, both internal and external, are all common contributors.

The distance between a writer’s idea and finished work is immense, and the journey between the two can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are tried-and-true methods for getting writers through the dreaded writer’s block and back on track to publication.

So without further a due here are some helpful tips that will hopefully be useful when it gets difficult to write…

1. Take A Different Approach

If your writing routine and schedule aren’t producing the results you want, it’s time to switch things up with a different method. The Pomodoro technique is one strategy that has gained favor among authors.

It’s a time management strategy that aims to instill a sense of urgency and prevent burnout. Instead of working on a project indefinitely, it divides it into 25-minute blocks, with a five- to 10-minute break in between. After four rounds, take a half-hour or longer break before returning to it.

Many people feel that writing efficiently in tiny pieces of time is easier since they are less likely to get stuck in an inefficient slog that lasts several hours.

What is known is that all The best tips result in periodic breaks. This allows authors to physically and emotionally mix things up, which may be just what they need to break through writer’s block.

If this strategy doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you, don’t worry; there are plenty of other options such as the fresh air option.

2. Take A Walk Outside or Get Some Fresh Air Somewhere

A writer must know when to hunker down and power through a writing session, just as they must know when to take a break from a project momentarily. One of the most common reasons of writer’s block is stress, which can arise from a variety of sources, including displeasure with the task itself, personal concerns, or just your physical health on that particular day.

A 20-30 minute walk is a simple and accessible activity that has been shown to reduce stress levels by triggering the production of endorphins. These neurochemicals are directly linked to a person’s feeling of serenity, which is useful when a writer returns to their work.

Taking a stroll is an age-old method used by writers ranging from Charles Dickens to William Wordsworth, who famously advocated for walking breaks. A recent Stanford study backs them up. When compared to sitting, walking was connected to a more creative mentality.

Walks, whether through the city or on a nature trail, can be a source of inspiration. Walking is a time-honored approach of getting through writer’s block, and seeing the environment unfold naturally is a refreshing change from looking at a blank page.

3 Start A Ramble Write Session

Doing a few sessions of freewriting is another effective way to overcome writer’s block. Set aside a certain length of time and simply jot down whatever that comes to mind.

There isn’t a huge or overall objective here, and there’s nothing to edit or evaluate later. Instead, it’s the equivalent of doodling in writing to get the creative juices going and see where your mind and the paper take you.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing…Write Down What Ever Comes To Mind…

This can be used as a warm-up as well as a brain dump, resulting in less procrastination and more ideas for writers. Freewriting for as little as 15 minutes can help authors develop a healthy habit and rev up their internal gears before returning to the main assignment.

This writing provides as a welcome blank slate for a writer to explore in a pressure-free setting because it is private and unrelated to your main work.

4 Reading & Reflection

Switching gears from creating to digesting words is the ultimate tried and true strategy for breaking writer’s block. Reading has numerous advantages, but it is particularly beneficial to writers.

Reading for just six minutes can reduce stress by 68 percent, and passionate readers have a vocabulary that is 50 percent larger than non-readers. Both of these things can help prospective writer improve their general ability and overcome mental blocks.

Reading is a habit that naturally makes people’s minds more adaptable and creative, two qualities that are necessary for anyone who wants to create a book.

5 Pray Pray Pray!

This last suggestion always helps! Sometimes when all else fails, getting back to the basic foundation of life is what is necessary. Therefore, with a wing and prayer, we can go far indeed. At times we can be discouraged and need additional guidance that exists outside of ourselves. And there is no better source to retreat to than G-O-D.

Bottom Line: Writer’s block is real and annoying, but it’s not unbreakable. Give some of these approaches a try the next time you’re having trouble getting started on a new project, and hopefully you’ll return to it with a revitalized sense of vision and enthusiasm.

What In The World?

Spat That 👇

Yeah what in the world is going on? Ever wonder? Life can throw us some fast balls but now more than ever some seem like their coming at 110mph. However with that keeping our eye on the ball is key. And who knows maybe with some skill and precision we might hit that very fast ball right out the park for a home run!

Winning Bigly Takes Heart. Hang in There Folks. Together we can Win.

The Daily Double of Double Standards

She was 35 he was 25 yet, they were deeply in love despite their currently invisible age gap. Some people thought he was crazy for dating a woman ten years older than himself. But whenever he gets the chance to spend time with her and look into her beautiful blue eyes he believes their love is all apart of making their lives well lived…

Scary Times: Thunder & Lighting

Took a few moments to listen to and watch a spontaneous thunder and lighting live show grace the sky and came to the conclusion that it is one heck of a powerful scene to view random sparks of light dash across the firmament in unexpected fashion as it presents its own ominous thunder works towards the ground. How fitting. Makes me think of impending Judgment of an all powerful Creator. You never know…Watch out! hahaha..