You’ve Got Mail [14]

All seems to be going well for Bishop Blunt until he's suddenly confronted with the truth about his past and his latest secretive indulgence just might be his last... A young attractive female Laura Wright is in her early-Twenties, who can be quite seductive and assertive.Bishop Blunt in his late thirties was A beloved small-town … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail [14]

The Tale of Two Adams [12]

Movie Plot Call me Adam. Some years ago—A teenage boy escapes his abusive father's arms after his first encounter with the Devil and as an adult faces the consequences of his decision to live life as a sinful Christian.

Backlash [11]

Plot Reel The main character Alisa Long is a woman in her thirties, who can be quite secretive. The story begins in a casino. A young heiress escapes a stifling existence. It's a story about corruption. Alisa Long eventually unknowingly gets into a love affair with another character who is the son of her father's … Continue reading Backlash [11]

Love Track [10]

[Romantic Drama] Just when everything was going fine in her budding new relationship, Lilly Stout's life suddenly changes when she witness a secret exchange. Doing her best to repress her growing feelings, she wonders if it was all a game when an ex-lover shows up and begins a malicious campaign to disrupt her new relationship. … Continue reading Love Track [10]

Sinister Sound Wave [9]

Sinister Sound Wave [Sci-fi Thriller] A Screenplay Snapshot by @seasontlive EXT. THE EDEN PROJECT, CORNWALL Office Suite - AFTERNOON Thoughtful phycologist DR DOLLY WILLIAMS is arguing with her tempered boyfriend and teacher PROFESSOR JOHN TUNNS. DOLLY tries to hug JOHN but he shakes off her advances. DOLLYPlease John, don't leave me... JOHNI'm sorry Dolly, but … Continue reading Sinister Sound Wave [9]

Vino’s Progress [8]

What would you do if you knew there were deranged men with shocking habits near the ones you love willing to harm them for their own pleasure and personal gain? The night of the snow storm changes everything for Vino Ventele, a 37-year-old lawyer from West Boggins. One moment, he is discussing mountain climbing with … Continue reading Vino’s Progress [8]

Agent Of Everywhere [7]

Protagonist [Main Character]- A rugged forty-five year old retired U.S. special forces officer turned Private Investigator, who is an active workaholic. Having recently been plagued by nightmares, the main character struggles to accept their destiny when in the wrong place at the wrong time, they end up in a situation well outside their control; the main … Continue reading Agent Of Everywhere [7]