You’ve Got Mail [14]

All seems to be going well for Bishop Blunt until he's suddenly confronted with the truth about his past and his latest secretive indulgence just might be his last...

A young attractive female Laura Wright is in her early-Twenties, who can be quite seductive and assertive.
Bishop Blunt in his late thirties was A beloved small-town City Councilmen and a local church Youth Leader who seems very generous as well as compassionately considerate.
The story begins on a moonlit beach.
Someone is being blackmailed.
It’s a story about terror, betrayal, and addiction.
Bishop Blunt has some questions to answer. Will he survive his latest organized entanglement?

The Tale of Two Adams [12]

Movie Plot

Call me Adam. Some years ago—A teenage boy escapes his abusive father’s arms after his first encounter with the Devil and as an adult faces the consequences of his decision to live life as a sinful Christian.

Backlash [11]

Plot Reel

The main character Alisa Long is a woman in her thirties, who can be quite secretive. The story begins in a casino. A young heiress escapes a stifling existence. It’s a story about corruption. Alisa Long eventually unknowingly gets into a love affair with another character who is the son of her father’s business rival and sworn enemy. After attempts by their families to stop their Romanic entanglement they both try to devise a plan to free themselves from their families’ overbearing influence in their lives…But will they make it out alive?

Love Track [10]

[Romantic Drama]

Just when everything was going fine in her budding new relationship, Lilly Stout’s life suddenly changes when she witness a secret exchange. Doing her best to repress her growing feelings, she wonders if it was all a game when an ex-lover shows up and begins a malicious campaign to disrupt her new relationship.

A confident woman in her early thirties named Lilly Stout, who is very spontaneous.
A sarcastic man in his late thirties named Joshua Ropes, who can be quite adventurous.
The story begins in a museum.
A blind date is the start of something big!
It’s a story about forgiveness.
One of the charters reluctantly becomes secretively involved with an ex lover…

Will Their New Found Love Win out past the secrets?

Sinister Sound Wave [9]

Sinister Sound Wave

[Sci-fi Thriller] A Screenplay Snapshot by @seasontlive


Thoughtful phycologist DR DOLLY WILLIAMS is arguing with her tempered boyfriend and teacher PROFESSOR JOHN TUNNS. DOLLY tries to hug JOHN but he shakes off her advances.

Please John, don’t leave me…

I’m sorry Dolly, but I’m looking for somebody a bit more brave. Somebody who faces her fears head on, instead of running away.

I am such a person!

JOHN frowns.

I’m sorry, Dolly. I just don’t feel excited by this relationship anymore. It just seems I keep running into the same brick wall and the best thing for us to do at this point is just move on, apart.

JOHN leaves.


sits down on here office chair, looking defeated.

Moments later, bold psychiatrist DR STEVE PAKETT barges in looking flustered.

Goodness, Steve! Is everything okay?

I’m afraid not.

What is it? Don’t keep me in suspense…

It’s … a sound wave … An evil sound wave that destroys critical thinking skills is about to be released and it can drastically harm a bunch of people!


Yes, defenseless people!

Bloomin’ heck, Steve! We’ve got to do something.

I agree, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

You can start by telling me where this happened.

I was…

STEVE fans himself and begins to wheeze.

Focus Steve, focus! Where did it happen?

At a local satellite station not too far from here. I was accompanying a man named, Mr. Robert Moss he is an investor and big university grant donor. I was tasked with showing him our experiments with sound treatments. It was during this tour that Mr. Moss left behind a file folder in my office that I couldn’t help peek into. Well, in this file I seen a patent description along with a letter to the governor for immediate implementation of this mysterious sound wave frequency over the air waves.

So what your saying is..this is set to be released to air to everyone?

It seems so. Yes…

I can’t imagine this to be true. I mean. Does Mr. Moss know he left behind this important information?

As far as I know he doesn’t. He hasn’t contacted me since his visit. But now I don’t know if I’m at risk or danger now for knowing.

Well, that would make two of us now Steve.

I’m Sorry Dolly…I Just…

No Steve don’t be sorry. You were concerned. frightened even. This is serious. We…We have to do something…

What can we possibly do Dolly? It looks like plans are already in place to do this.

Well, shall we just sit back and wait for some frequency to keep us from ever thinking critically again. We won’t be able to think critically again if this wave or whatever it is goes live.

I Know

Does anyone else know about what you discovered?

No..(whispers) well.. I

DOLLY springs up.


Dolly suddenly points a 9mm silencer hand gun at STEVE and shoots him in the head. After placing the hand gun on her desk She calls Security for assistance via her office phone line. Security immediately enters to remove STEVE from her office. After STEVE’s body is carried away DOLLY proceeds to make a phone call to MR. MOSS

Hello. Yes Sir. Its done. He’s gone. Okay.

EXT. University Campus- Teaching Staff Private Office room

JOHN checks his email as he returns to his office at the University preparing for his next class he checks his emails on his laptop. He sees an Email from STEVE labled, Steve URGENT Dangerous Sound Wave Roll Out. John reads through the entire email.

JOHN Springs up.

God Forbid, No!

Pacing around the office John begins to mindfully work through the information Steve emailed to him. Steve had always been a helpful friend in his work since they met through his romantic entanglement with Dolly. Why did STEVE warn him not to contact Dolly about this?

JOHN Looking up Whispers


Something must be done…I have to do something about this…

Grabbing his suitcase JOHN quickly shuts his laptop and rushes out his office….



Hoping for a peaceful resolution, the main character [John Tunns], after discovering a world of lies and betrayal, is suddenly thrust into trying to save innocent lives from a looming threat. Seeking vindication, the main character [John Tunns], unsure of what it all means, gradually gets to the bottom of the issue. In the end, after a face-to-face encounter with the enemy, the character turns down the opportunity to take a job solving similar problems in the future.

Vino’s Progress [8]

What would you do if you knew there were deranged men with shocking habits near the ones you love willing to harm them for their own pleasure and personal gain?

The night of the snow storm changes everything for Vino Ventele, a 37-year-old lawyer from West Boggins.

One moment, he is discussing mountain climbing with his energetic and charismatic bestfriend, Josh Waye; the next, watching with horror as deranged men begin terrifying people within his community.

He knows these men came from Oxford but he can’t prove it – at least not without some detective work.

The stable, brave man knows that his carefree life is over. He acquires some help from a brash investigative journalist Samantha Stirs and is gradually reborn as the hero who will save his community and even more so the world from these deranged men.

However, when Josh calls, begging him to stop his intensifying obsessions’ concerning his research into the business dealings of these deranged men, Vino is forced to decide what is more important: stopping the deranged men that terrify people without criminal prosecution, or preserving his own reputation and relationship with his best friend?

Agent Of Everywhere [7]

Protagonist [Main Character]- A rugged forty-five year old retired U.S. special forces officer turned Private Investigator, who is an active workaholic.

Having recently been plagued by nightmares, the main character struggles to accept their destiny when in the wrong place at the wrong time, they end up in a situation well outside their control; the main character is suddenly thrust into a living nightmare when they are involved in a case of espionage that results in their best friend being taken hostage. Driven by honour, the main character, after surviving a failed of assassination attempt, becomes involved in the situation to resolve it from the inside of a criminal organization.