Hide Away [20]

Movie Plot

After being placed in foster care from neglect and abandonment of her drug addicted mother a troubled young teenage girl, with a heavy heart, joins a dangerous street gang that takes advantage of the youth’s inexperience…

Sound Card [18]

This is a quest story with an emphasis on obtaining victory in what appears to be defeat. The story is about a spiritual secret agent. It starts in a tourist town in Europe. The critical element of the story is the importance of upholding the Truth.

man in gray crew neck shirt and black backpack

Soggy Cereal

The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for


Ever wonder what it takes to live life freely?

Matched sentiments include a brief tour of world affairs in a dramatic interlude of circumstance that signal that on a small beautiful Island called Cuba, its residents should be living in paradise. Yet, by means of its increasingly Selfish, power-hungry dictatorship model this once thriving island has been turned into a communist cesspool. Sadly many places around the world are like Cuba confronted with the same oppressive tactics of old. When will we learn?

Good Vs. Evil

Just before the darkness fades the suns light shines so brightly that in the midst of all the disappear quietly the night winds subside into a beautiful stew of spectacular morning glory. Thanks Be to Yah!

Jim Benton Cartoons

Arts dance with coerced perception begins with its beholders

Jim Benton Cartoons

# Circle Back Clothing Line Launch

Its time to circle back.Are you ready to TURN around?

With the circle back clothing line you’ll never forget that what goes around comes right back around in time. 100% Guaranteed

We ought to know that Resetting Time is nothing to G-d

"Circle back"

Well, life can be one heck of a roller coaster for sure but circling back to the truth is always the best way to get the ball rolling.

With that… Can someone explain this👇uncanny resemblance.

politics circle back Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

This may explain Facebook and Gov. Collusion. Related? hahaha Just saying. Anyway, all satire aside, Happy Monday! Cheers to a pleasant week filled with discovery, intrigue, and humorous yet equally insightful rebuttals…Remember The Best Is Yet To Come. Stay Salty.

Opposites Attract In The Dark 17

Protagonist- Shane Parks A retired Navy Seal, who loves adventure.

Secondary Character- Juanita Rose, A talented painter, who loves love.

This is a spiraling world wind romance story about how opposites attract. Both characters featured in this story seem to be unlikely lovers as they both come from very different worlds of experience. Yet, despite their differences they can’t help being magnetically drawn to each other. The story kicks off at a festival with a false accusation.

(Note That: Someone in the story is in denial about something )

The Twist- An unexpected revelation will also change everything…

Scary Times: Thunder & Lighting

Took a few moments to listen to and watch a spontaneous thunder and lighting live show grace the sky and came to the conclusion that it is one heck of a powerful scene to view random sparks of light dash across the firmament in unexpected fashion as it presents its own ominous thunder works towards the ground. How fitting. Makes me think of impending Judgment of an all powerful Creator. You never know…Watch out! hahaha..