How To Regulate One Bad Habit At A Time

Regulate- to control or maintain the rate of (a machine process) so that it operates properly. Control or supervise. Set according to an External standard.

Similar Words in regards to the word Regulate-Set, Manage, Balance, Supervise, Oversee, Check-up on, Inspect, Police, Supervise.

How can we regulate one bad habit at a time? Well, we can slowly crowd out all those terrible habits such as restricting free speech expression with good habits. By allowing Good habits such as permitting people to freely express their opinions and beliefs can be a mutually beneficial act of Divine Justice within itself.

At the end of the day, we (Humanity) can successfully thrive as we continually crowd out all those harmful destructive habits so we can invite more good ones. By allowing room to crowd out these replaceable bad habits we can experience a beneficial lifestyle not only for ourselves but towards others and within our wider society too…

My 2cents Dribble