The Golden Glow of Creativity Ensues

The earliest memory of watching Bob Ross paint invites a clear picture of nothing short of what gradually appeared to be a masterpiece. He of course made it look so easy but this was only the part of the depths of his painting presentations. The whole Bob Ross show centered around creative activity. Not only was Bob Ross engaged in being creative throughout the show himself but he also through his own witty dialogue instructed his viewers how to create their own scenic paintings themselves.

From describing how to paint various trees, water reflections, lakes, streams, to sky views every scenic painting creatively expressed its own unique character in its design. Over the years many have come to know the afro wearing sarcastic painter as coming up with the most beautiful artistic phrase that ideally celebrates all those “happy little accidents” that can occur while creating art. In fact its those accidental mishaps that can birth amazingly unique forms of artistic pieces that are nothing short of appearing to be Divinely given.

Let Our Creative Ambitions Commence