Bookstore Beauties Gone Wild-Pitch [3]

This is a story about the need for intimacy versus the desire for independence. Its about a clever main character (Charles Loom) who is mysteriously attracted to another main character (Holly Baconi). Ignoring the advances of would-be suitors, the main character (Charles Loom) decides to give love a chance when he misreads the signs given off by character (Holly Baconi). Considering the growing feelings to be just a silly crush, the main character gives up on the idea of love when(Holly Baconi)suddenly becomes surprisingly vexed as she starts seeing Charles acquire the attention of other female prospects. Struggling with her own feelings of attraction towards Charles surprisingly Holly starts trying to change the mind of her once potential love interest (Charles Loom). Is Holly too late? Will Holly ever successfully convince Charles to reconsider their romantic connection again?

This romantic comedic drama takes place around a set of a bookstore. The story begins with a formal book signing party and ends with a decision being made.©