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Drum Roll please.Introducing….

The Twilight Zone is the one of the best TV series that could have been created, ever. Although, there has been attempts at remakes of this classic series nothing comes close to its iconic thought-provoking pieces of pure art that is now captured in time in black and white.

Truly, as its put, ‘art imitates life.’ It seems each day we can enter a World Beyond are own which can be scary yet, also enlightening.

Yes, we seem to be personally invited into this beautiful realm of imagination where creativity is wrought for the common good of all humanity through the manifestation of Divine action. The wonders of the unknown take us beyond all norms and at best as some may assess allow us moments filled with intrigue and promise as we strive to gain common ground and make this world a better place.

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when

the lights are on.”

~Rod Serling

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