Fun Facts About Popcorn Lovers Day!

Today is popcorn lovers day! So to coumarate this most delectable treat we thought it also fitting to rewind back and take a quick delightful flashback to National Popcorn Day as Lifestyle Expert Victoria Sophia explains what popcorn is all about. She lists five fun facts about America’s favorite snack.

Happy National Popcorn Day!!!

Discover That Funny Money Today

Drum Roll please.Introducing….

The Twilight Zone is the one of the best TV series that could have been created, ever. Although, there has been attempts at remakes of this classic series nothing comes close to its iconic thought-provoking pieces of pure art that is now captured in time in black and white.

Truly, as its put, ‘art imitates life.’ It seems each day we can enter a World Beyond are own which can be scary yet, also enlightening.

Yes, we seem to be personally invited into this beautiful realm of imagination where creativity is wrought for the common good of all humanity through the manifestation of Divine action. The wonders of the unknown take us beyond all norms and at best as some may assess allow us moments filled with intrigue and promise as we strive to gain common ground and make this world a better place.

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when

the lights are on.”

~Rod Serling

The Secret Truth Exposed!

“We must be free not because we

claim freedom,

but because we practice it.”

— William Faulkner (Essays, Speeches & Public Letters)

Today is the beginning of a quest. A quest to discover the power of embracing a new zest for intrigue. For it is in all these seemingly theatrical life motions that we gracefully play out all these varies storylines moment by moment. So that it graciously brings us to an extremely important question then. What is your story? of course we all have one. Honestly put, we are all a walking, talking collection of intriguing stories so many of which preceding us. Think about it. Ancestral Generational entanglements settle into into one unique form called, you. We then travel through or within our human experiences presenting ourselves to our current reality. How fitting is that!?

For humanity in its most uniquely designed nature, tells stories, desires connection with others, and more often than not seeks to share our experiences and ideas. Our human interactions enable us to connect with people that ultimately transcends into our collective human story with all the good, bad, and the ugly of it included. However with this great gift the Freedom of expression comes with a detrimental responsibility to regulate our selves from the infection of allowing foolish malevolent rationalization to germinate in our spheres of discourse especially when such expression promotes bullying, unjust lawbreaking, and violent crimes against others and/or against humanity.

Despite the outcome many today in our modern world contribute to humanities collective human story via social media, blogs, and now podcasts all the more. The desire for people to connect with others in deep and meaningful ways is seemingly apart of our intrinsic nature as human beings in this world. To associate with others is apart of our life here on this Earth welded by a Divine Order that encourages us that we share our lives together.

All the more as means to connect we gather, we meet, and interact in new innovative ways by the day. For indeed as this digital age commences our words can transcend across the seas from one continent to another within seconds of its relay connecting people all across the world to one another that might have never cross paths otherwise. For it is by these words we call speech that expression is born and we have loads of it happening billion times a second each day. For if speech is a collections of sounds that give birth to the formation of words that convey our own reason then its value is so apparent for indeed it is essential to our function as human beings as it is to see or hear.

To forsake the freedom of expression through speech or even speech conveyed in art or other means would ultimately preceded by a brutal yet efficient system that fosters fear and intimidation as means of controlling dissenting voices and crushing challenges to its tyrannical authority by means of persecution or worse. History records these tales of injustice against this formidable God given right to speak freely and it doesn’t produce a sustainable creative society it rather melts into its own destruction which first begins with consequently in a militarized campaign to seize upon the direct exchange of words.

Words are indeed powerful making its potential exchange understandably considered as an extreme threat to the unruly, wicked, controlling tyrants of course. Therefore, our words are intensely powerful. What we say can heal, comfort, or even hurt. Yet, to communicate even if it involves entertaining opposing beliefs gives humanity an opportunity to learn, grow and build together.

Free Speech is the first step in freedom being realized by humanity. 

-Lt. Jospeh Pangaro

Being free to Artistically express ourselves also presents another form of speech which can be silently wrought and conspicuous as well. Yet, We can gain so much from the world of art and its beneficial endowment to captivate our attention and thoughts. Here at Season Tickets there is a desire to capture the essence of art, coffee, and the unquenchable freedom of expression to enjoy the beauty of what it means to be human.

Thought about creating an amusing back-story about this venture that can be assembled like this,

Overall, The theme for Season Tickets is to offer a faith based outlet for the transmission of thought-provoking information and stories in all its beautiful yet also dreadful forms. The truth of the matter is everyone is engaging in some form of show and tell daily knowingly or unknowingly. For all is seen & heard by a power greater than we are this great majestic Sovereign Power is God(YHWH), believe it or not. Yet, as created beings we have been endowed by our Creator to breathe, think, speak, and as a likeness express the wonders of our imagination creatively to share with others.

There is a deep aspiration to make innovative creative happenings that are mutually beneficial great again. We envision a world where people aren’t viewed as mere data commodities or marinated meat to be monetized. There is a hope that pure creativity will thrive freely where people can share mutually beneficial exchanges that help our world thrive and grow.

Its indeed possible to think outside the box. That box being established norms or even narratives. That’s what it takes to be different these days. On Season Tickets we strive to encourage our audience and readers to think for themselves as they savor the beauty of art and storytelling alike as well.

At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with asking questions and making observations and that’s exactly what we should be doing as a God given human right!

However, on an artistic note Season Tickets strives to open up dialogue for respectful debate or discourse, thought, with an endearing appreciation for the creative freedom of the arts and communication.

Why do this? Two reasons…

  • Because it gives (me) mystery-exhibitor JOY. Season Tickets is all about creative freedom. The mission is to provided you with captivating and engaging content for you to enjoy or appreciate. Hopefully, people read the site at best if they haven’t had a good laugh in a long time. You should read the contents for this site at least as a time-fulfilling muse. Hopefully with every read you won’t walk away without a chuckle, or something to think about.
  • Because it will help & inspire you to hopefully focus your own creative ideas about your own innovative endeavors and what you’d like to do with it.

Indeed we are all publishers now in this new digital age telling our own stories in various ways onto the canvas of our public domains or platforms. For it is on this platform particularly that are mission begins to humbly contribute within this time capsule of history foreshadowing the experiences of the human race.

So…Why Do This? Why? Why? Why!?

  • Why go public? Life is a like movie worth capturing.
  • We seek to cover topics that are discreetly relevant to our world today and offer helpful reflections concerning our human relationships.
  • Season Tickets hopes to connect with people who appreciate reading and visualizing stories along with thought-proving commentary.
  • We hope to aspire other creators to come up with creative innovative ideas that helps humanity thrive. The goal untimely is to add extra exhibits of beauty and intrigue to this world. The main aspirations here is to positively entertain our audience with a stream of thought-provoking pieces that encourage others to render their own distinct insights or perspectives on content shared.

Thank you for reading if you have taken the time to read this opening post. we invite all political opinions and walks of life – united in the commitment to the freedom of civil discourse. We seek to encourage an environment that is safe and honorable to respectfully agree or disagree. Our motivation is to promote peaceful free expression. If you think this site might be worth following your right. expect amazing. Sign up and stay updated with new content posted here. Peace & Blessing to all even the haters. Enjoy discovering more…