Dark Nights #25

In the dark corners of the universe, there is a malevolent passion lurking in the darkness that even the most qualified individual is no match to expose except for the LIGHT that is able to penetrate it.


An outgoing enthusiastic middle-aged man is faced with a difficult decision as he navigates his new life as a successful Businessman. One evening Jack Polo is invited to an inclusive office party with his collages. After a joyous celebration of his promotion in the company, he is escorted to a secret location where he is offered the deal of a lifetime. However, this deal comes with an ultimate painful price that could cost him his life and that of those he loves. He also learns the reasons why this successful company he works for is so lucrative. Will he take the offer? Or will he choose to be left with nothing but a clear conscience?

Rescue Plan #24

Jahpen Savo is forced into a dangerous situation where he was about to be killed by a brutal gang of criminals. However, he is suddenly rescued by a stranger who helps him escape. The stranger graciously takes the beaten and bruised young man back to a nearby village where he can remain hidden from the pursuit of the gang of criminals.

After arriving in the village the mysterious stranger brings Jahpen back to what seems to be his home so he can recuperate from his injuries. The man is shocked at how Jahpen has been tragically mistreated, and Jahpen is overwhelmed at how kind this stranger has been to him. During their time together the man finds out the truth about the stranger, as well as all the good that he has done in the world. He is forever changed by the truth he discovers.

Plot Twist: The Stranger that Rescues the man is really a Holy Angel sent on a special mission to keep Jahpen safe for his crucial and beneficial purpose to help save the world.

#23 It’s Been a While…But…

Back! and at-bat again…Thanks for enjoying the journey at SeasonT feel free to scroll along. It was a momentous season last year and this year is gearing up to be just as mysteriously momentous too…soooo let’s get to it!

Lost In Location

Two best friends and business partners sign up to participate in an experiment in an undisclosed location for some much-needed cash. They are promised a large sum of the money to participate in this risky experiment. However, to their horror, both are subjected to brutal psychological exercises that leave them doubting if they’re even really human. After being told they could not leave the experiment under any circumstances they continue to begrudgingly submit to further testing. Confused and not knowing how to leave the experiment, they both try to secretly rationalize how to escape together.

It’s a Show Stopper! 2022 coming to a theater near you

What the heck it’s still 2021??? Smh. okay, Okay, almost there folks buckle up! Looks like 2022 is on its way! The End is near. Yet for now, This rodeo is still up for grabs and we just have to stay put and ride this thing out aka “we got to ride this thing until the wheels fall off,” as it’s said. Right now 2022 is glistening like a new toy car compared to 2020 but you never know what the real deal is do we? So now after all this pain what do we have? Well, here at Season Tickets it’s a whole lot of Faith, Hope, and Love.

Yes, indeed! Thanks be to YHWH G-d for getting us through another year its been a rough road, to be honest, but many gains were acquired so much to be thankful for in the midst of all the darkness. The first of which is the gift of salvation. The gift of being set free from sin and death through the redeeming power of Yeshua ha’ Mashiach (Jesus Christ). As a believer in Christ and a humble messianic, I can say with great enthusiasm that faith is the glue to complete victory in this life and the next. Believe it or not. However, with so many people believing so many different things I am persuaded that the Truth will victoriously prevail supreme. Consequently, there is no need for any form of violent confrontation for conversion. in the end, the truth will be an irrefutable reality. At best spreading love in this world is what’s needed now more than ever as some hearts have become increasingly greedy, cold, and unresponsive to the fear of the Most-High Creator of all life seen and unseen.

In reflection, it is the ways and laws of the living G-d YHWH that are good and bring life although this world has framed this as oppressive hogwash. Sin means the active disobedience to our Creator which results in bondage and being a slave to it only brings on our own destruction and death. Believe it or not. However, we can experience true life in Christ.  This is a gift. If you are called by the Spirit of the Living God my hope is that you too will respond to this gift of abundant life and be reunited in fellowship with our Creator through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the unblemished sinless human lamb and mighty Son of God. The truth according to Truth is that Yahshua or Jesus is The final Sacrifice and prophetic fulfillment reigning now in glory in the heavens. Our Promise is the restoration of our holy heritage through Christ, Jesus, to live connected again with our Father in Heaven after being washed clean of our sin receiving eternal life in paradise with access to pleasure forever is our everlasting portion. What a deal! it’s a good merciful deal the best deal ever and the only fee is belief!

Now I’m no saint by any means I have habits and hangups  BUT I’m also just a rational free thinker who knows that outside worship of G-d life leaves a void with an unrelenting unsatisfaction that nothing or anyone can fill. Faith plays a role in all of our lives. Showing love, doing good deeds, following Christ’s Teachings, and obeying the Torah is a path well taken. Just saying. Bottom Line. We will all be held accountable for our choices here and we only get one life. So please choose wisely.

Hence, in light of this earthly challenge Let’s do our best together to make this world better not worse. In reflection this starts by having no other gods than the one true Alohim or G-d and doing our part to increase the good in this world with good deeds that help humanity to thrive and grow.

With that spiritually themed theological melody done, this post will now address all the lovely readers of this site friends and foes alike. If you’ve read this far. Thank You. You’re a champ! Keep going it might just get more interesting or not either way thank you.

At best we are here at the precipice of 2021 together. How grand. On Season Tickets there is a hope that you’ve enjoyed the content here, the storytelling. Just want to take some time to send a special thank you to all readers and subscribers to this site as well. We hope next year will be an amazing one with many more great declassified stories to tell too. Our mission is to inspire and provide thought-provoking information and entertainment to a diverse audience. As we transition into 2022 we hope you continue to follow or subscribe via email to stay connected to our latest pitches and pieces.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site we hope you return for more…

Today the entertainment industry is saturated with a certain kind of carbon copies but it is our hope more creative diversity occurs. The raging theme is to spread the spark of an imaginative light that’ll hopefully inspire an innovative creative project

We live in a fallen world but our hope is sure. We can artistically be free and still remain casually weird. Weird is still not outlawed at least for now. I suppose if you are Christian you can be considered weird but that’s an ancestral badge of honor at this point. 

Thanks, be to Yah! for this year and the year to come, and hope you enjoy the content here. Take time to check out the pitches and share your thoughts.

Hope all you and yours have a wonderfully safe and blessed Happy New Year! Enjoy!

Stay Tuned The Best Is Yet to Come!

How To Start Writing A Short Story


Short stories are just as powerful and engaging as lengthy works of literature, if not more so because they express their core point in a single, unforgettable stroke. A short narrative is akin to shining a light into a dark space.

Writing a short story isn’t necessarily difficult you just have to keep it simple. It’s simply a matter of finding your voice. You can always add to a short story in the end. You don’t need a lot of backstory to your characters. In fact, you don’t necessarily need a lot of characters or much description. Just be yourself. Write from the heart. Don’t overwrite. Do not over-explain. Do not overuse a lot of descriptive words. Keep it simple. Keep the writing simple. Simple is good. Simple is easy. Simple is powerful. Simplicity is the best way to get your point across. The best way to get your point across is to write a short story. A short story has no obligation to make sense. It doesn’t have to have an obvious plot. It doesn’t need a lot of characters. A short story is simply a good way to get your artistic message across. It is the best way to let the reader know what you are trying to say and a good way to make a point.

Finally, making a short story is a terrific way to strengthen your creative skills, especially if you are a newbie writer. At the very least, you’ll have something to say to the rest of the world. Who wouldn’t want their life story or creative tales to be told to the rest of the world? Writing a short story can be a beneficial exercise to get your feet wet in the writing world. Why don’t you give it a whirl? Today, try to write a short fictionary tale. Hopefully,  You won’t be disappointed. Now it’s time for you to start working on your masterpiece!!!

Are you feeling motivated to take the leap or resume your writing? Share your own short story experiences in the comments or leave a link to your blog. Happy Writing! 


Plot Reelz

A young man from a small town, who is a devout Christian, falls for a woman with whom he falls deeply in love. However, as their whirlwind romance begins to fade away the cruelty of Justin’s new lover begins to surface in epic proportions.

As The Story Goes…

Justin Harper is a twenty-seven-year-old, attractive young man who takes value in his faith in God and tries to live his faith by lovingly helping others. However, when he meets Yezeli Sims his perspective on love and his relationship with God begins to gradually change. Yezeli Sims is a beautiful model who is thriving successfully as an influencer on social media. In a chance meeting, Justin meets Yezeli through a mutual friend at a local charity event. Justin and Yezeli immediately hit it off flirting, laughing, and talking all through the night which leads to an exchange of contact information.

Justin is initially blown away by Yezeli’s beauty, fit body, mesmerizing sultry voice, and seductive gazes. Yet as he begins to get to know this new unknown beauty he realizes that she is extremely ambitious, intelligent, and strategically calculating which are characteristics he would also come to know very well.

As time progress and interactions increase both Justin and Yezeli enter into a relationship together. Everything seems to be going phenomenally well. Although Yezeli is often constantly on Social media as it is her number one source of generating income for herself she still makes time to make Justin feel special and loved.

However, things begin to change as soon as Justin attempts to express his Faith within the relationship with Yezeli. Despite knowing Yezeli openly admitting, she believed in God, Justin thought by his influence, she would eventually join him in fellowship as a believer in Christ as the only means for salvation. However, the more Justin mentions Jesus, Yezeli gets annoyed and, arguments break out. Taking his best friend’s advice, Justin decides to pray for Yezeli and patiently wait things out to see if she’ll eventually share his spirituality. However, what Justin didn’t know is that Yezeli is into spirituality but not of the Christain kind. Yezeli seems heavy into new age and occult practices. Gradually, Justin realizes that Yezeli is a near expert astrologist that is heavily into horoscopes, and other dark occult practices and has been for a long time.

Despite their differences, Justin is infatuated with Yezeli to the point where he willfully overlooks her occult dabbling in the hopes that she will someday come to her senses and become a Christian, that is, until everything about their wonderful connection changed totally, almost overnight.

Yezeli encourages Justin to spend extra time with her after an enjoyable evening together on their usual date night. However, as soon as Yezeli arrives, she transforms into an intense sexual seductress, which Justin is unfamiliar with experiencing with her. He’d never seen her act so sexually aggressive before, and it caught him off guard. They haven’t had any sexual activity together so far. Yezeli agreed to join Justin in his celibacy pledge until the two of them were married. That night, though, Yezeli was adamant about being with him intimately. The temptation became too much for Justin to bear, and he succumbed to Yezeli’s sexual advances. Soon after their night of passion, it seems Yezeli’s character gradually began to change. She mysteriously seemed to morph into someone else, someone he didn’t recognize anymore.

As their relationship progressed Yezeli became demanding, indifferent, and cruelly sarcastic with Justin. Her behavior towards him began to worsen. It seems after the excitement of their honeymoon phase of passionate intrigue fizzled down and the reality of getting more serious began to surface, Yezeli interest in Justin seem to dissipate. She often ignores his calls and texts. Being with a beautiful social media model used to be a source of pride for Justin, but now it’s a source of frustration. Yezeli constantly uses social media to ignore him and no longer seems to make an effort to pay him any attention. At times Yezeli doesn’t even want to touch him anymore. Gradually, Yezeli began to spend less and less time with Justin and something just didn’t seem right to him.

Eventually, Justin discovers he’s never been the only one in their seemingly monogamous relationship together. She has been talking to other men and has multiple lovers including, a wealthy playboy fling on the side. Yet even though her habitual cheating scandals surface, Justin fights to remain in her life. Yezeli always manages to persuade him to give her another chance. For some reason, she has a hold over him that he doesn’t understand. Through it all, He somehow hopes that she’ll only want to be with him eventually and be satisfied with him being the only man in her life. Yet, despite her continual unfaithful conduct, his deep love for Yezeli remains even though being with her is ripping his soul into pieces.

As a result since being with Yezeli, Justin’s faith seems to have progressively weakened. His enduring love for Yezeli and emotional pain have become Justin’s new normal. Eventually, Yezeli’s rude behavior towards Justin hits a peak when he discovers she has been publically discussing her relationship with her alternate lovers with her followers and subscribers online. On one particular live streaming social media post, she stated, “…I keep my Christian boy on a leash because he loves p$^&y, strolls in the park, and o eating out.” (laughing) She continued to openly exhibit no regret for cheating on him and defended her behavior as a result of boredom throughout her Live stream. That became the final straw for Justin. Compromising his faith and values got him nowhere with Yezeli. She doesn’t appreciate him and the love he expresses to her to make her feel special. Now she went about making a public mockery of him and his faith. He finally came to realize that he wanted Yezeli to be someone she was not right from the very beginning. He didn’t realize that behind all the beauty was truly a sick stone-cold-hearted woman. In time he came to terms with knowing her love for him was just a deceptive act all along that she just simply lusted after him for thrills.

For the first time in a long time, Justin asked God for forgiveness for his wayward behavior allowing God to heal his wounded heart, and began to actively nurture his faith in God again. It took time but Justin finally decided to walk away from Yezeli for good realizing that the light can not synchronize with darkness…Lesson Learned.